Kadaka Trade Center – new multifunctional
commercial building in the Kadaka business district!


If you sign the contract before Midsummer Day 


Kadaka Trade Center or KTC is a brand new two-storey multifunctional building in the highly valued Kadaka business district.

The 14 200 square meters of rental space in the commercial building is appropriate for medium and large-sized companies that need commercial space for retail, service, office or storage purposes. The premises of Kadaka Trade Center are designed for multiple-intended purposes, which means that the company, in cooperation with the developer, can create a business space that exactly meets its needs. Kadaka Trade Center is part of the Favorte Stock trademark.

Kadaka Trade Center has a A-energy label, which ensures optimal relation between the technical solutions that simplify business activity and low ancillary costs.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the business building, covering the area of 8000 m2 and effectively generating green energy. All business premises have a separate heating system and cooling regulation options; LED-lights are used in the entire building and a ventilation system with recuperative air heater in the retail and office departments will be installed.

Safety is ensured by special access system doors and high resolution video cameras. For environmentally sustainable traffic on the territory of Kadaka Trade Center, there are bike stands, loading points for electric cars and pavements leading directly to Laki bus station.

Kadaka Trade Center


  • Retail premises of 740-2900 m2 in size. In total, it is possible to rent up to 5400 m2 of retail space.
  • Suitable for shops, services (including a sports club, entertainment etc.), catering, showrooms.
  • Office spaces start from 125 m2; a total of 2150 m2 of office space can be rented.
  • Suitable for office, meeting and conference rooms, co-working or office-hotel rooms.


  • Units in size of 550-1100 m2. In total, it is possible to design and rent up to 4580 m2 of commercial space.
  • Bring storage and/or production facilities, office and showroom spaces under one roof and save on logistics, communication, staff and ancillary costs!
  • Storage spaces through two floors, office premises on the first and second floor.


The commercial premises at the back of the building consist of warehouse and production space, as well as office and retail space. This way, you can keep all your business-related activities in one place and, if you wish, at the same time host customers or partners. Plus, you save on time and logistics costs!

All Kadaka Trade Center rental premises can be merged, separated and redesigned according to the needs of Your company!

Kadaka Trade Center

Kadaka Trade Center will built by one of the busiest roads of Tallinn, near the crossing of Kadaka Road and Laki Street. Thanks to the location in the centre of two attractive business areas, all conditions have been laid out for your company to benefit from the existing client flow in the Kadaka-Laki trading area. Concurrently, a lot of people move around here because, in addition to the citizens of the local residential areas, every day the busiest area of Mustamäe attracts people from entire Tallinn and its vicinity.

According to Stratum, a whopping 17 600 cars and even more people will be passing Kadaka Trade Center daily and their attention can be attracted by bright light advertisements. The modern and attractive glass facade of the business building definitely attracts glances and ensures interest. Kadaka Selver and hundreds of convenience services, including sports clubs, beauty lounges and numerous catering facilities accommodated in the area make planning the visit to Kadaka Trade Center really easy for your employees and people heading out of the City Centre.

Kadaka Trade Center has good access by car and on foot. Laki bus stop is at one minute’s walking distance. A cycle and pedestrian track runs parallel to Kadaka Road and this ensures easy access to the building also by bike in summer. In addition, there is a free parking area with almost 200 parking places around the Kadaka Trade Center providing easy parking options by saving your time and nerves.

By the end of this year, the stretch of Kadaka Road between Akadeemia and Mustamäe Road will be reconstructed. A relevant amount of the transportation of goods is directed along Kadaka Road, people also use it to commute between City Districts and smaller access roads, the reconstruction of the this route is very important. The possible chaos related to the reconstruction will be eliminated by the time Kadaka Trade Center is completed and Kadaka Road will have reached its optimal permeability, providing an easy access to the business building.

In addition to the renovation of Kadaka Road, the entire region is constantly renewing – old dilapidated buildings will be taken down, new business centres and apartment blocks will be constructed. This will ensure, that the value of Kadaka-Laki trade regions will increase also in the future. For example, in the close vicinity of Kadaka Trade Center, approximately 2200 new apartments have already been or will be built in coming years (for example Veskimetsa Perekodud). In a few years, two new business buildings will be constructed on the neighbouring plots of Kadaka Trade Center: Kliimaseade building at Joostimäe 8 and a totally new Motocenter at Kivikülvi 9.

Kadaka Trade Center

Kadaka Trade Center – Your chance to take advantage of the potential of a highly appreciated business district to promote Your business!

The Kadaka district has proven to be an outstanding business area with dense traffic and people used to spending time there.

You can catch the attention of all by-passers with illuminated advertising on the facade of the building!

The environment around KTC is constantly being developed into a more attractive space by a growing number of commercial and residential buildings.

Excellent accessibility by both public transport and car.

Logistically convenient connections to Ülemiste, the city centre and towards the direction of Paldiski are ensured.

The plot is large enough to guarantee convenient manoeuvring and loading opportunities for large saddle cars and a parking lot for almost 200 cars.

These commercial premises come with a cost-effective planning and low side costs that do not eat up the company’s pay slips.

Representative architecture and modern working conditions that satisfy the wishes of both customers and employees.


Stock-office spaces

10,5 eur/m2

Retail spaces

10 eur/m2

Start of construction

August 2022

Completion of the building

I floor retail and stock-office premises have been completed! II floor will be completed in April.


Kadaka tee 42b